September 4th - 9th, 2012
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Symposia consist of invited lectures delivered by internationally recognized experts with the aim to provide general overviews of the state-of-the-art within each of the following research fields:


S01 Single Molecules

    S01.1 Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions (Wednesday, Sept 5)
  • Frederic H. Allain. Zurich, CH
  • Renée Schroeder. Vienna, AT
  • Alfredo Torres-Larios. México D.F, MX
  • Wei Yang. Bethesda, MD, US

    S01.2 Protein Interactions and Networks (Thursday, Sept 6)
  • Patrick Aloy. Barcelona, ES
  • Rita Bernhardt. Saarbruken, DE
  • Natasa Przulj. London, UK
  • Marcellus Ubbink. Leiden, NL

    S01.3 Membranes and Proteins (Friday, Sept 7)
  • Antonio Ferrer. Alicante, ES
  • Peter Hildebrandt. Berlin, DE
  • Uhtaek Oh. Seoul, KR
  • Manuela M. Pereira. Lisboa, PT

    S01.4 Proteins Intrinsically Disordered (Satuday, Sept 8)
  • Keith Dunker. Indianapolis, IN, US
  • Jane Dyson. La Jolla, CA, US
  • Isabella Felli. Florence, IT
  • Monika Fuxreiter. Debrecen, HU

    S01.5 Engineering and Design (Sunday, Sept 9)
  • Dominique Bourgeois. Grenoble, FR
  • Jenny Martin. Brisbane, AU
  • Modesto Orozco. Barcelona, ES
  • Nuno Santos. Lisboa, PT

S02 Trends in Biochemistry

    S02.1 Genome Dynamics (Wednesday, Sept 5)
  • Andrés Aguilera. Seville, ES
  • Zoi Lygerou. Patras, GR
  • Michele Ramsay. Johannesburg, ZA
  • Camilla Sjögren. Stockholm, SE

    S02.2 Transcription and Chromatin (Thursday, Sept 6)
  • Sebastián Chávez. Seville, ES
  • Mauro Giacca. Trieste, IT
  • Jane Mellor. Oxford, UK
  • Laszlo Tora. Strasbourg, FR

    S02.3 RNA Biogenesis and Processing (Friday, Sept 7)
  • Myriam Gorospe. Baltimore, MD, US
  • Marcelo López Lastra. Santiago, CL
  • Reinhard Lührmann. Göttingen, DE
  • Raúl Méndez. Barcelona, ES

    S02.4 Autophagy and Protein Homeostasis (Saturday, Sept 8)
  • Claudio Hertz. Santiago, CL
  • Matthias Peter. Zurich, CH
  • Sandhya Visweswariah. Bangalore, IN
  • Jiarui Wu. Shanghai, CN

    S02.5 Integrated Cell Structure and Function (Sunday, Sept 9)
  • Philippe Bastiaens. Dortmund, DE
  • Christina Mitchell. Melbourne, AU
  • Howard Riezman. Geneve, CH
  • Claudio Sunkel. Porto, PT

S03 Beyond Biochemistry

    S03.1 Ageing (Wednesday, Sept 5)
  • Maria Blasco. Madrid, ES
  • Matt Kaeberlein. Seattle, WA, US
  • David A. Sinclair. Boston, MA, US
  • Stathis Gonos. Athens, GR

    S03.2 Global Regulation and Cell Reprogramming (Thursday, Sept 6)
  • Anamaria Camargo. Sao Paulo, BR
  • Mordechai Choder. Haifa, IL
  • Clyde Hutchison. la Jolla, CA, US
  • Kitai Kim. New York, NY, US

    S03.3 Artificial Cells and Genomes (Friday, Sept 7)
  • Antoine Danchin. Evry, FR
  • Daniel A. Hammer. Philadelphia, PA, US
  • Vitor Pinheiro. Cambridge, UK
  • Hamilton O. Smith. La Jolla, CA, US. Nobel Laureate

    S03.4 Computing with Molecules and Cells (Saturday, Sept 8)
  • Martyn Amos. Manchester, UK
  • Alexander Gabibov. Moscow, RU
  • Ehud Shapiro. Rehovot, IL
  • Ricard Sole. Barcelona, ES

    S03.5 Dealing with Errors and Evolution (Sunday, Sept 9)
  • Isabel Gordo. Oeiras, PT
  • Nicola Illing. Cape Town, ZA
  • David Posada. Vigo, ES
  • Eörs Szathmáry. Budapest, HU

S04 Molecular Bases of Diseases

    S04.1 Neurodegenerative and Organ Degenerative Diseases (Wednesday, Sept 5)
  • Dario Alessi. Dundee, UK
  • Albena Jordanova. Antwerp, BE
  • Ángela Nieto. Alicante, ES
  • Maria João Saraiva. Porto, PT

    S04.2 Inflammation and Diseases (Thursday, Sept 6)
  • Lisardo Boscá. Madrid, ES
  • Jacqueline Bromberg. New York, NY, US
  • Francisco Sánchez Madrid. Madrid, ES
  • (To be determined)

    S04.3 Stem Cells and their Niches (Friday, Sept 7)
  • Eduard Batlle. Barcelona, ES
  • Leanne Jones. La Jolla, CA, US
  • Janet Rossant. Toronto, CA
  • Rune Toftgard. Stockholm, SE

    S04.4 Cancer Genomics and Biomarkers (Saturday, Sept 8)
  • Manel Esteller. Barcelona, ES
  • Iqbal Parker. Cape Town, ZA
  • Kevin Ryan. Glasgow, UK
  • Raquel Seruca. Porto, PT

    S04.5 Role of Hypoxia in Pathogenesis of Inflammation in Cancer (Sunday, Sept 9)
  • Eyal Gottlieb. Glasgow, UK
  • José López-Barneo. Seville, ES
  • Jacques Pouysssegur. Nice, FR
  • Idit Shachar. Rehovot, IL

S05 Enviromental Biochemistry

    S05.1 Oxidative Stress: Dealing with Oxygen (Wednesday, Sept 5)
  • Eva-Mari Aro. Turku, FI
  • Sue Goo Rhee. Seoul, KR
  • Alicia Juliana Kowaltowski. São Paulo, BR (Portuguese-Brazilian Lecture)
  • Tomris Özben. Antalya, TR

    S05.2 Dealing with Osmotic Stress (Thursday, Sept 6)
  • Nestor Carrillo. Rosario, AR
  • Karin Lindkvist. Lund, SE
  • Francesc Posas. Barcelona, ES
  • Haruo Saito. Tokyo, JP

    S05.3 Life in Extreme Environments (In memoriam of Costas Drainas) (Friday, Sept 7)
  • Bruno Franzetti. Genoble, FR
  • Juan Luis Ramos. Granada, ES
  • Helena Santos. Oeiras, PT
  • Rafael Vicuña. Santiago, CL

    S05.4 Responding to Environmental Perception (Saturday, Sept 8)
  • Bouchaib Bencharki. Casablanca, MA
  • Francsico Javier Cejudo. Sevilla, ES
  • Stanislaw Karpinski. Warsaw, PL
  • Cornelia Spetea. Gothenburg, SE

    S05.5 Molecular Clocks and Cell Cycling (Sunday, Sept 9)
  • Albert Goldbeter. Brussels, BE
  • Paloma Mas. Barcelona, ES
  • Paolo Sassone-Corsi. Irving, CA, US
  • Marcelo Yanovsky. Buenos Aires, AR


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