Workshops and Symposia


The Symposia will consist of invited lectures addressed by senior scientists who are internationally recognized experts and leaders in their fields. These Symposia are mainly aimed at providing general overviews of the state-of-the-art within every research field.


The Workshops will allow senior and young scientists to meet and exchange knowledge, establish new links and explore the possibilities of developing new lines of research and the very latest methodologies.


The Round Tables will be devoted to a series of particular topics, with a great social relevance and of interest for IUBMB members. The Round Tables advocate open discussion and instruction as a means for developing competent information use, a part of lifelong learning in Science. IUBMB membership will thus represent all types of scientists and researchers committed to this goal.


The Round Tables Open to the Public sessions are aimed at bringing Science closer to Society at large and will involve some of the experts attending the IUBMB & FEBS Congress. This is an excellent way not only to develop a more constructive and effective communication between Research and Society, but also to integrate the IUBMB & FEBS Congress into the host town.

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